3 Choices

All 3 AAE Locations are in the city center and near Metro Trains.

Select between Dorm Beds with Free Breakfast, or deluxe private rooms with private bathrooms. Either way, these are our lowest price options with great value at each one!


AAE Rey Don Jaime


62 / 3rd Floor Rhond Sant Pere

Barcelona Spain 08002

Our Location Offers:

Walk to Airport Shuttle Bus

Walk to Train Station

Walk to Bus Station

Las Ramblas 5 minutes away

3 Budget Hotels in Great Locations!

AAE offers you three great choices in Barcelona. Dorm Beds in all New Dorm Rooms at our AAE Hotel, or deluxe private rooms with private bathrooms at our AAE Rey Don Jaime for only 38 EUR Singles and 48 EUR Doubles

 N. of Nights:
Best Location for Ryan Air Arrivals- 1 block to Bus Terminal where Ryan Air Shuttle drops

Prices : 10 EURO Dorm Bed  Private Room 34 EURO
Best Bus Depot and Ryan Air Arrival Location. Most variety in size of Private Rooms & Ensuites
****************** Or The AAE Rey Don Jaime Hotel ***************

AAE Rey Don Jaime Hotel
Best Location, Best Prices Private Rooms.
Prices:  21  EURO PP